Friday, March 24, 2006

More Religious Lunacy- Afghan Man Faces Death

Is this the Democracy that U.S. troops died for (& continue to die for) in Afghanistan? An Afghani Citizen faces death for converting from Islam to Christianity. Afghan clerics have been calling for him to be beheaded. Where is the religious freedom and Democracy in Afghanistan that the Bush administration talked so much about?

This is just like the facade that the Republicans put up about Pakistan, where it is o.k. to gang rape women, among other disturbing things. The U.S. acts as if these things are not happening.

This is one more example of Bush administration policies, speeches, and rhetoric not matching up with the facts. But then again, they will probably try to convince Americans that this is not actually happening, and what we are actually seeing and hearing is all an illusion, created by the news media, just like in Iraq.

Now this man in Afghanistan probably will not be executed...but this is likely because the whole world is watching. The fact that he was even brought before a court should be troubling enough.

America has a widening credibility problem because of this kind of hypocrisy.

Follow the story here, and also here.

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