Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Condoleeza Rice On Meet The Press This Week

Condoleeza Rice On Meet The Press This Week.

Rice selling the war in Iraq, as part of the media frenzy by the White House to restore public support for the madness in that country.

Also talking about the upcoming conflict with Iran.

Rice continues with the same old lies. One of her many lies was that Bush & Co. never tried to connect Iraq with September 11th. OF COURSE THEY DID. This was one of their main ploys to trick the American people. Now they are trying to say they never attempted to make the connection? I can vividly recall Cheney, and others making this connection leading up to the war...every week like it was some kind of political campaign. This is also the reason why public polling still shows that half or nearly half of dumb Americans believe that there was a connection, 2 and 3 years later. This is also indicated in the recent Zogby report on U.S. troops in Iraq. Scroll through the March Archives to see my Blog entry about the Zogby report. Zogby's report shows that some 90% of U.S. troops believed there was a link between Iraq and September 11th and that this was the reason for the war. So, they even tried (and succeeded) to trick their own soldiers into believing the Iraq-September 11th connection. Now she is denying it? Of course we know, and most intelligent folks knew all along, that there was no such connection. The FBI has confirmed it, The CIA has confirmed it, the UN has confirmed it, The U.S. Congress has confirmed it, and the 9/11 Commission has confirmed it....and when pressed to tell the truth (something rare in Washington D.C.), the Pentagon has also confirmed it- THERE WAS NO CONNECTION BETWEEN SADDAM AND THE 9/11 TERRORIST ATTACKS.

She also lies about Weapons of Mass destruction. More evidence is coming in showing that they knew they had a weak case for WMD. But they continue to sing the same tune.

Replay last weeks show here. The transcript can be seen here.

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