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The Upcoming War With Iran

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As America continues its blind march towards yet another war, I am hoping that Americans will stand up and say no. This is what you get when you have extreme religious guided governments in the world, in this case, in Iran and in the United States. Both nuts believe that they are being guided and instructed by God.

The Peace Movement is basically non-existent. I'm hoping that the public will be able to stop it, but the American people have never stopped a war from taking place. Never...not one! The current President basically wrote off millions of people taking to the streets in 2002, 2003, and 2004, including in this country. The era of marching and protesting is over. It is no longer effective. In all this time (since Vietnam) the Peace movement has yet to build an infrastructure to be effective- Building major progressive T.V. and radio media to have alternative views heard, not educating the public, not building the right institutions, not making good strategy, not coordinating, not grooming & putting forth political candidates, not creating effective political parties, etc.

Here we are, very close to war once again. Americans seem to be drunk on war... bloodthirsty is a better way to describe it. Americans love war.... The entertainment value anyway. That's how Americans see it. The relationship that Americans have with war is through their televisions. Watching death and destruction via Fox & CNN, and enjoying it for the most part. The American population has been conditioned and militarized to accept war and to enjoy it. Yet, most of them are cowards, afraid to actually go to these war zones to fight or to send their children to go. It's always poor Americans who fight in these damn conflicts.

Few Americans ever stop to ask if these wars are in the country's best interest. Americans tend to lack critical thinking, and lack a healthy skepticism.

1. An attack on Iran will be a disaster, and will have unintended consequences. It could draw major powers into a war. China and Russia have extensive national interests in Iran.

2. But there are other reasons why this would be a disaster. For one, Iran is made up of 2/3 young people under the age of about 35 or so. Many appreciate American freedoms, and some aspects of American culture and they don't like their religious rulers. Attacking the country would be seen by these people as an attack against them, and we will lose the Iranian population. The U.S. did the same thing with the Iraqi people. The Iraqi people, in the 1980's and early 1990's were actually supporters of the United States. Over time, we turned the Iraqi people against us. We once had even stronger support in Iran...but in recent years we have lost some Iranians.

3. Another reason not to attack would be because international monitors who are there would be thrown out of Iran. This would take away any significant eyes and ears that we have there to keep us informed of the situation.

4. If the U.S. attacks, it must be willing to follow up with an invasion if necessary, and to occupy Iran... a country 3 times the size of Iraq, both in land and population. This is something that the U.S. & its allies are not really prepared to do, or are able to do.

5. Attacking Iran would be extremely costly and risky in too many ways. Iraq already has taxed the nations resources to the max.

6. Other allies will be unwilling to take any significant military action. The U.S. will find itself carrying most of the burden.

7. An air attack, which the U.S. is banking on, will not destroy all of Irans nuclear activities and equipment. Much of Irans nuclear program (which for the most part appears peaceful) is situated in underground facilities and Mountains. The U.S. could only knock out 50-60% of what is there. And that would only delay Iran. That means once they resume, they can build their systems faster because there will be no inspectors there. The attack would just delay an invasion that would have to come within a few years. Usually the rule is, if you can't knock out practically all of your enemies strategic sites, then you don't launch the attack, because you would be left in an even worse position later on. It's best to keep inspectors in the country and to keep up diplomatic pressure. Once you launch an attack, you lose support from Western friendly Iranians, and from other countries around the world. Again, once you launch an attack, there is no going back, and your country has to be willing to go all the way, from land invasion, up to the use of nuclear weapons.

8. Iran, has so far, not violated the NPT- the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty, despite pro-war news reports that suggest they are in violation.

Listen to a discussion on the Iranian issue.

This Public Radio discussion basically supports most of the concerns that I mention here.


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