Friday, January 20, 2006

More Stupidity From Black Democrats

Does it ever cease?
This is why Democrats have practically lost the White American vote, particularly in the Midwest and the South. They won't be getting that back anytime soon with these antics. Even if a Democrat is the better candidate, whites don't vote for them in large numbers in these parts of the country, just for the fact that they are associated with black politicians like C. Ray Nagin. The same could be said for white Democratic politicians friendly to black people period... certainly part of it is racism...meaning that many Southern, and Midwestern whites would not vote for a Democrat at all no matter how good of a candidate they are, just because Democrats are seen as friendly to Blacks. But it doesn't help when people like Nagin run off at the mouth with their nonsense. It loses the support and the vote from those White Americans from the South, and Midwest who might be on the fence about voting for a Democrat.

"A Chocolate City"? Obviously this man doesn't know the history of his own city. I know it fairly well. New Orleans was one of Americas first true "Melting Pots". One of the most diverse cities in the history of this country. Its diversity is an inseparable part of its history. It is what made New Orleans into what it became. Does he not realize that as the Mayor of a major city he represents all of his citizens?

Attention Ray Nagin: Please Hire a Professional Spokesperson.

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