Thursday, February 02, 2006

Why I Hate The Democratic Party:

Add this to the series of why I hate the Democratic party (there will be several of these as my blog grows).
I have to take a minute to talk about the website called Some of you may be familiar with this website. I was a fairly new member of the site before I was blocked by the websites “Thought Police”, just yesterday. Why was I banned from the site? Can you guess? For having an opinion. Apparently, you are not welcome at the site unless you pledge full allegiance to the Democratic party and everything that it stands for. If you have any opinion that deviates from their philosophy, or if you criticize the party in any way (even constructive criticism) you will be banned from posting on their web forum. I joined the forum there to post with a few like-minded people and to increase my blog readership (which is growing at a steady clip). If you are not familiar with DemocraticUnderground…visit it sometime, the site is huge, with several thousand members. But after the Jan. 31st State of the Union Speech, I became a little too active on their web forum.

Their party has been so spineless lately, and just as bad as the RepubliCONS in terms of not getting the job done for the country, that I (and others) added some healthy criticism. Their “Thought Police” are completely intolerant of any free exchange of views and any healthy real debate. So they erase any message that is not perfectly in line with their views. But that’s not the most interesting part in my opinion. What they really seemed to be afraid of was any suggestion of more political parties. They quickly freak about any discussion about another political party other than the two established parties. This is one of many things that democrats have in common with Republicans. They are both scared to death of any talk of more political parties, because they know that is what a growing number of Americans want. They are scared to death of losing their stranglehold on the American people. Republicans and Democrats smooze and work together to not only keep other parties from forming, but they even keep the debate out of the media and out of the minds of the American people. Anyone at who so much as brings up the idea of another political party (no matter how polite they are) their message is immediately frozen and the person posting the message is quickly banned from the website.

Hmmmm Doesn’t this sound familiar? Isn’t this what they accuse the Republicans of doing? Not allowing freedom of thought, free exchange of ideas, criticism (even positive criticism), dissent, etc… Then they preach freedom and democracy and all the usual garbage the they preach but don’t back up… It’s annoying. Their entire political party is annoying. And I fully expect that they will fall on their faces in 06 and 08. Now for the record, I would prefer that they win, because I don’t know how much more damage we can take from the RepubliCONS. But then again, It wouldn’t be all that bad to see the DemocRATS flop either. The Democrats are basically a lesser of two evils. It is more about hoping against the Republicans rather than hoping for the Democrats. If the DemocRATS lose, then more Americans will suffer…and that may have a positive side to it because more folks will want to get up, get out of their comas, organize, and do something politically. It’s healthy for a country to go through these cycles…because it wakes the masses from their sleepwalking. I’m afraid that if the Democrats win, the American public will fall right back into their blind, mindless complacency, which would not be good in the long run…because the Republicans still have the upper hand in the long term (they have a huge political machine, a massive media infrastructure, and a country that is still trending Republican in the long term, even with a Democratic win).

And what the idiots at fail to understand is that 1 or 2 additional political parties consisting of Independents, Reformers, Disgruntled Democrats, far left Democrats, or even a conservative breakaway group…all would actually benefit the Democratic Party. Furthermore, a little healthy criticism of their weak political party, and a free exchange of ideas…is actually what their party needs. Without this, it’s hard to come up with any new strategies, hard to be flexible, hard to expand the vision of the party, hard to have any kind of meaningful debate within the party, etc. Without criticism and debate you end up with Group-Think, tunnel vision, and being stuck on stupid, which basically describes where the Democratic party is right now. One thing I can say about Republicans is least Republicans have backbone, are tenacious, ruthless, & even gangster-like with their politics, they take no prisoners, they employ sneaky (yet smart) strategy, and they know how to plan and control information. None of these things could be said for the Democrats…which is why they get smashed by Republicans on a routine basis.

I went easy on these guys… because this is not what I wanted to type last night…. What I originally had in mind was a lot more abrasive.
But my message to is simply this,…. Practice What You Preach.

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