Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Messages From Dr. King

On a day that you are being bombarded with "I Have A Dream"lol...the media and the governments "official" sanitized history of King, I thought I would give something else. The U.S. governmentconveniently white-washes his history between 1965 & 1968. During this period he was fighting more for economic justice and he becameone of the greatest Anti-War advocates in the world. This wasarguably his most important period. Ironically, many of his greatestspeeches were made during this period. It's no wonderwhy "mainstream" America, corporate media and their governmenthandlers want to wipe this period clean, as if it didn't exist.
Here are some of his most important speeches.

1. The Final Speech (In the pouring rain) "I've Been To The MountainTop" In Memphis Tennessee. He Was Killed The Next Day. Still more relevant today after 4 decades, than anything said bythose who are still walking and breathing.

2. The Drum Major Instinct (One of my favorite)

3. Sticking Together

4. But If Not

5. Democracy Now Tribute (Excerpts from "Beyond Vietnam")

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