Saturday, January 28, 2006

Discussion About Need For Living Wages

Ed Gordon of NPR discusses the growth of poverty and need for a living wage. Interesting debate at a time when the gap between rich/poor is widening. Also, during a time of layoffs, good jobs being harder to find, jobs being taken overseas due to the pressures of globalization, lack of decent affordable healthcare & housing, etc.

And it's interesting that last year, the Congress voted against a minimum wage increase (twice) but just weeks later, they voted to give themselves a cost of living increase. AND THE AMERICAN PUBLIC (AS USUAL) DID NOTHING ABOUT IT.

(short discussions)
Discussion 1 & discussion 2

Also, check out NPR's "Hunger series" and "Low Wage America" series. Both very good.

"On Point" Discussion about poverty. Another called "Invisible America".

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