Friday, January 20, 2006

U.S.A.: The Religious State

Recent polls collected by Polling Report support what I already knew. The frightening poll results suggest that the U.S. is bordering on being a Theocracy. It is already run as such. I'll come out and say it- This country is in my opinion a Religious State. This helps to explain why Red State America votes against its own physical, practical, security, and economic best interests when they vote for Conservative Republicans. Most blind American voting is driven by so called religious convictions. One-issue voters. And there is no signs that this trend will wane anytime soon. The opposite seems to be the case. It's going to be a growing issue in the months and years to come.
This is why democrats cannot win, and will not win major elections anytime soon. The Nation is very much under the influence of the Religious Right and it’s allies in business, government and the media. This is why, even with Republicans in trouble with scandal after scandal, Democrats can't really take advantage.
But I want to know this, where in the hell are the great Progressive religious thinkers, preachers and teachers? I know they exist, so why have they not stepped up? I realize it is hard when the Right Wing Conservative Revolution controls most mass media in this country. But there are still a few outlets that would allow them into a debate. Give these flag waving, blind following, bible toting, pro-war people what they want- A debate in their arena- A debate based on religious principles. I beg for a time in this country where we could have such a public discourse, because I am 150% certain that Right Wing Conservatives would lose such a debate. Most of what these people do contradicts their own so called religious teachings. Or do they not read their bibles? A better question might be, can they even read at all? LOL I was once a student of the great book, and know it fairly well. It has been many years since I studied vigorously, but because of all the Right Wing religious justification for the things that they do, and for all the references to God and evil in the name of the Lord, I am getting back into this great book. Such a debate would reveal these people as the nuts and frauds that they really are.
I can't ask enough...Where are the damn Progressive Religious Politicians, Preachers, teachers, commentators, musicians, and so forth? Let's start quoting the book!!!! Tell the people to grab their bibles, turn to the chapter/verse and read along with you as you review the scriptures, and then make these Pat Robertson supporting nut jobs and crooks, look like fools when you reveal all the contradictions. So far, no Progressive politicians have the balls to do it. No reporters or commentators have the balls to do it, none of our religious scholars have the balls, and none of the preachers have the balls to do it (except for a few that I know of, but I won’t mention them here). And those that do have the balls, like those I eluded to, CNN, FOX, and all the rest in the U.S. State Run Media system seem to be absent on that day, unable and unwilling to cover them.
I say that Conservatives would lose such a fight, because the bible is actually more aligned with Progressive, Moderate values (Traditional FDR, 'New Deal' values), than it is with Right Wing Republican (Corporate America) values.

NPR has a good story about what the Right Wing political establishment is up to in terms of linking religion with their political activity. Until courageous Independents and Democrats (although I hate Democrats) match what the RepubliCONS have been doing, by using religion for political gain and manipulating Americans, then Independents and Democrats might as well stop now and leave the country. Because nothing much will change until that time when, as a group, they take that brave step. The NPR story can be heard via audio here.

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