Friday, January 20, 2006

Now They Want A Peek At Your Internet Searches?

Now the government wants to peek at what people are searching for over the internet. This is on top of the spying on Americans that they had to admit to a few weeks ago. Everyday seems like the Twilight Zone under this government. We are no longer in the United States of America as I once knew it. It is no longer the same country with the same principles that it had just 10 years ago. And it’s beyond the point of no return. America will never be the same. I have never recognized it as a democracy (I will expound on that in future posts), but it used to at least have some aspects of a democracy. But even that is gone now.

I am all for limited spying within the U.S., BUT ONLY TARGETING TERRORIST SUSPECTS, AND WITH A COURT ORDER AND UNDER COURT SUPERVISION. But this stuff is just something out of science fiction.

Now they are trying to strong arm Google to get your search records, which Google has no business storing in the first place. The Justice Department is trying to revive an old anti pornography law that was struck down over a decade ago. Seems to me, with the severe threat of terrorism, and with all the political corruption taking place, that Federal Prosecutors and investigators could find more important things to do. What a colossal waste of resources at a time when our national security and personal safety is under such great threat.
I say store those records for 30 days or 60 days (AT THE VERY MOST) for law enforcement purposes. After that period, they should be purged forever. But now I’m glad this came to light in a way, because it lets me know what Google and the other search engines are up to.

Here’s the Google story.

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