Friday, May 07, 2010

Sometimes, you read things and go 'WOW'. Marco Rubio has made me do that.

hat tip-djchefron

I have to admit, I didn't believe it could be true.

But, the headline confirmed it:

Marco Rubio says deport all the immigrants

Yes, you read right.

Marco Rubio says deport all the immigrants

Are there words?

Here is a quote from Rubio:

Then Rubio explained that he is against letting illegals become legal:

Rubio also rejected the notion of a "path to citizenship" or "amnesty," despite "the human stories."

"There are going to be stories of very young kids that were brought to this country at a very young age who don't even speak Spanish that are going to be sent back to Nicaragua or some other place. And it's gonna feel weird and I understand that," he said, suggesting that those hardships would be a price worth paying.

Hah! That's a quote from Marco Rubio, son of Cuban refugees. Cubans were, for decades, welcome to settle in America without visas or papers or anything, and they are still allowed to enter the the U.S. via Mexico without fear of being deported.

But Nicaraguans? Ugh, no. Marco Rubio says GO HOME.

Ain't that a bitch?

IFFFFF they were from any other country (cough, Haiti, double cough), Cubans would be considered ILLEGAL and SHIPPED BACK.

They aren't here through legal channels.

But, HE and HIS have made it, and the rest of you can go f-yourselves.

All the Latinos in Florida who are thinking of giving Rubio a chance in part because of ' Latino Pride'...


when the chips are down, and he needed to take a stand...

look what stand he took.

Look who he sucked up to.

Look whose ass he kissed...

He's showing you who he is....

we have a term for folks like Rubio in the Black of my current favorite terms is Slave Catcher.

may your vision be clear as you look at Rubio.


The Angry Independent said...

This is definitely crazy talk. But it's not that surprising.

Cubans have long viewed themselves as different, socially and politically, from their brethren in the wider Latin American community. U.S. policy towards Cuban immigrants is partly to blame for Cuban Americans adopting this view that they are a cut above... that they are special. Many of them see Haitians and Mexicans as less than. They are removed from what is going on outside of Florida.

This is why you have to look at Florida politics through a different lens. What's going on in Arizona doesn't resonate quite the same least not with Cubans. This is why people like Rubio occasionally pop up. But according to Demographic info that I came across recently... Non-Cuban Latinos now match Cuban Americans in Florida.... so based on that, Rubio seems to be taking a big gamble. He is definitely appealing to Whites and white fears in the State. He is the Tea Party guy, so he has to talk their language. But the hypocrisy is definitely on full display.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]one of my current favorite terms is Slave Catcher. [/quote]


Can you logically describe the term "Slave Catcher"? It doesn't make sense to me.

I assume that you are talking about the Blacks who, during slavery time were taken back to Africa to capture AFRICANS.

If your term is to be taken literally - these FREE AFRICANS are SLAVES in your book. A "dog catcher" catches DOGS. Were Africans "Slaves" prior to their capture?

Do you see that your slanderous word more so shows the ignorance of those who throw it out. In their own hatred for an individual they fail to see the offense of their usage.

Constructive Feedback said...

Excuse me.

Isn't the solution then to CHANGE THE LAW of the United States to allow people from other nations to walk freely into the USA as Cubans do?

I thought that as PROGRESSIVE ACTIVISTS you all were against ARBITRARY enforcement of LAWS?

If the present law of the United States is that Cubans, because of their contentious relationship with the USA are able to stay once they reach "dry land" then what about what the man says is false?

I think that the bigger "Free Equal Human Being CATCHER" behavior is with the Black Americans who ignore the scientific report released by LSU about the harm that illegal immigration has upon Black Americans yet they cleave to their notions that Black unemployment is caused by the amorphous forces of RACISM that they are always chasing after.

As long as you all can make indictments against someone else you are unable to see how your policies undercut your own cause.

Certainly the unskilled workforce of South Africa let it be known last year when they attacked immigrants from Zimbabwe which flooded the market due to their country's unwillingness to enforce the border.

Roderick said...

Oh geeze it looks as if CS/CF has found another blog over which to spread his feces when I thought I that I only had to encounter him on Booker Rising and the field-Negro blog.