Friday, May 21, 2010

When Will The Feds Go After Ken Cuccinelli?

Ken Cuccinelli, The Attorney General of Virginia, is not even trying to hide his unethical activities. Rachel Maddow destroyed him tonight.

Are the Federal Prosecutors in Virginia asleep? This guy has done just about everything except wear a sign that reads "Feds... please investigate me".


rikyrah said...

I missed this too. thanks for this. he is a straight up crook.

Roderick said...

I wonder why it seems as if many of these holy-roller types are crooks?

Cuccinelli pulled a ganster move in not returning the money.

As for Maddow I am so glad that she wasn't chosen as the host of Meet the Press so she can continue to go after the wingnuts, and I am sure a lot of politicians are also grateful they don't have to worry about being on the opposite side of the table from her on Sunday mornings. LOL