Thursday, May 20, 2010

More Crazy From The Tea Party Crowd - They Want to Hang Him Then Torch Him

Damn. They want to hang him first, then set him on fire.

For those who may not be clear on the history of lynching in America, this was once par for the course. It was tradition for whites in some parts of the Country to have lynching parties (like barbecues), where people would bring food. The hanging of a Black victim was the centerpiece of the social gathering. They would often lynch the victim first.... then torch him... as everyone stood and watched. (They would also bring their children to these gatherings... just like a social picnic). (check our archives for posts on "lynching").

A group of Tea Party folks from Wisconsin (or those sympathetic to the Tea Party) were reminiscing recently about this great American pastime.... and were crazy enough to record it. 

Anyone still in denial about America at this point? If you are... then you are out of your mind.

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rikyrah said...

I missed this...thank you for this.


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