Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rand Paul on NPR - ADA and Racial Discrimination Should be Dealt With Locally

Hear Rand Paul's NPR interview from yesterday...where he reiterated his views... on the same day that he tried to downplay his position on Maddow. I guess he's like John McCain. Some days, he's a maverick, and other days (depending on the political winds) he's not. Paul is a part time racist then in the same way I guess.

Wow... It is amazing how America has moved to the extreme right. Hear interview. This is, in part, the result of the Conservative media controlling the narrative for so long.

Paul says he has a Tea Party mandate... (in other words, he believes a mandate from the racist Tea Party = A national mandate). What is sad and scary about that is.... he may be correct. With the nations swing to the right... and with the idiocy of the American electorate... anything is possible.

There is a good chance that this man will be in the Senate after the November elections. A Tea Party Senator.

See a previous more detailed post on this from Rikyrah.

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