Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Myth About Sarah Palin's "Real American" Family Values Debunked

The Right loves to promote the idea that their Conservative family values are superior. Sarah Palin does this in just about every speech, when she talks about her mythical "Real America". Of course for Palin, and many others, "Real America" is code for Southern values, rural, Conservative, and white.

But new research from the authors of the book "Red Families vs. Blue Families", shatters this Conservative myth into a thousand pieces. Hear story....


Anonymous said...

Hmm. I thought the inner city black communities were heavily "blue family" districts. Much is made about the rates of teen pregnancy and illegitimacy in the black urban community. I guess the "problem" of black out of wedlock births, family instability and poverty is all bull.

Thank goodness. Otherwise I'd think this woman is just another "research slut" tweaking statistics to fit her pre-conceived narrative.

Now THAT"s a real "blue" Jayson Blair value system for ya!

The Angry Independent said...

The book covers Blue States and Red States.

Last I checked, Blacks were only 13% of the population. In this case, the numbers are not enough to effect the study. Despite the high rates of teen pregnancy and out of wedlock births, it still was not enough to have an impact on the results... which makes the conclusions even more interesting and powerful, IMO. It says more about the Red States than the Blue States. Conservative States STILL managed to have higher rates of teen pregnancy.