Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Police Officer Shoots Himself, Tries to Blame Black Suspect

Philadelphia police officer Robert Ralston reported last month that he had been shot by an unidentified Black man (how convenient). But his story slowly began to unravel. Luckily with today's forensic technology and with good investigative work, the truth usually comes out in these cases. It turns out that Ralston made up the whole story. Fortunately no one was hurt during the manhunt for the suspect who didn't exist.

I was immediately reminded about Susan Smith who drowned her children in 1994, and then blamed it on a Black man. I was also reminded of a case that was worse than the Susan Smith debacle - the case of Charles Stuart, who murdered his pregnant wife in Boston back in 1989, and blamed a Black man (remember that?). That case almost ripped Boston apart. There have been other lesser known examples of this over the years, but these are the two incidents that always come to mind for me because they are seared into my brain.


rikyrah said...

everyone else blames Black folks, why not the cop?

He should be in jail.

Anonymous said...

Cops are liars. They hide behing their badges. Trust me, I know. There are two police reports that come to mind. In one, the officer lied to as why he pulled me over, claiming he was a couple of blocks behind me on a street that I was never on. In another, officers took several pictures of bruising on my neck and arms as the result of a fight. They then charged me with assault and in the official report I had "no visible marks" on me. There are others too. I have had several arrests for various things, and not one police report was 100% true, so when I get to court and try to fight it, I'm screwed.

Anonymous said...

I agree he is a racist. I am reminded of Tawana Brawley and Al Sharpton's racist lies that "whitey" raped and defiled her.

Rex89 said...

In response to "Anonymous'" comment on how "Cops are liars... trust me, I know." You need to not generalize all cops with a very few instances. After seeing two black men rob a store, that would be like saying "Black people are thieves... trust me, I know." Yes, some cops do lie, and they should lose their jobs for it. But many cops are very honest people who genuinely want to help. I am sorry that you had a couple bad run-ins with the police. But if I were you, before just blaming the cops for everything, I would suggest stepping back and looking at why it is that you have "had several arrests for various things", and if there is responsibility to be taken on your end, then own it. The cops who lie will face their Maker one day and have to answer for their actions. And the cops that maintain honesty and integrity will be rewarded for it, especially after lies and deceit is what they see and hear all day, every day.