Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Xenophobia in Arizona Is Officially Going Out of Control

Arizona is clearly trying to make a statement. They want to make it known that they are hostile towards Latinos. And the Whites in the State appear to be embracing this campaign.

Now there is a push (part of a string of actions over the last few months) to remove teachers from the classroom because of their accents. Think about this for a minute. Arizona is a State, much like California, Texas, and New Mexico, that is naturally going to have teachers in the classroom who have accents. These teachers are often Hispanic and speak both English and Spanish so that they can serve their students. I haven't been to Arizona, but I have lived in central Texas...and having bilingual teachers and teachers of different ethnic backgrounds was a normal part of life in my high school.

Arizona is collectively going crazy. And now other States are thinking about using Arizona's approach, by codifying xenophobia and racism.

Perhaps we should allow Arizona to secede from the Union. I would rather have Puerto Rico as a replacement.

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