Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Why Obama Won't Replace Souter With An African American

Over at The Loop I have a new column on why I believe Obama will not select an African American to replace David Souter on the Supreme Court. Check it out.


rikyrah said...

This was a good article. I would like a Black Person on the court, not a Slave Catching Coon. But, I think it will go to a Latino, and let the GOP knock themselves out.

The Angry Independent said...

Thanks Dr. King....

Rikyrah, why is the race of the new Justice the #1 concern rather than Judicial philosophy? Black folks kill me with this stuff.

And like I mentioned before... I don't think Blacks should be pressuring Obama on this at the moment (not for his first nominee)...because there will likely be another opportunity soon.... probably within the next couple of years. My guess is Ginsburgh will be retiring next.

If Obama gets a 2nd term, he will probably have the chance to appoint a third Justice. Whatever the case... Ginsburgh and Kennedy will not be on the Court much longer. This may all happen during Obama's first term. Thomas may also decide the retire... (keeping my fingers crossed). Thomas wasn't even the best Conservative Black nominee that H.W. could have chosen. I never understood the logic behind that seemed more political. I always wondered whether he was intellectually/judicially curious enough...and when I learned several years ago that he doesn't ask questions during hearings... my suspicions seemed to have been confirmed. Being the quiet Justice is one thing... but never asking questions is something else.

The problem for non-Republicans is that most of the Progressive Justices are either older or in poorer Health, while the Conservatives are younger (Roberts & Sc-alito) or are showing no signs of slowing down (Scalia & Thomas).

But my point is... Obama will have several opportunities...and Black folks should be patient... (actually there shouldn't be a racial litmus test at all)...but I have a feeling he will nominate a Black candidate down the road... maybe if he gets a second term. It would be easier for Blacks to ask for it then after he has made a couple of appointments.

rikyrah said...


Why shouldn't I want race to be important. Unlike the racists on the right, I KNOW that there is a pool of HIGHLY QUALIFIED BLACK CANDIDATES capable of serving on the Supreme Court. So, why not want one of those?