Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rachel Maddow On Rick Scott and the Republican Strategy to Fight Healthcare Reform

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Maddow reveals Rick Scott and discusses the return of the Swiftboaters...

It looks like the corporate strategy is to kill Obama's plans from the inside, while their Republican allies try to defeat it from the outside.

And notice how single-payer supporters don't even get a seat at the table. Obama once again alienates Progressives. I actually believe that Obama's plan of allowing Americans to choose what healthcare coverage they want is actually a good idea... I am feeling better about this now than I did a year ago (now that I know more about the general plan)....and that's if it doesn't change completely between now and the point where there is a final Bill in Congress. Allowing choice blunts the argument by the Right wing noise machine that Obama's new evil socialist system will deprive the well-to-do of choice and will destroy the Health system.

No matter what plan finally materializes...Republicans will obstruct it all the way.
And I still believe that Obama is choosing this fight a little too soon.

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Andre said...

If Rick "Store Front" Scott is all that stands between reasonable healthcare reform, things may look pretty good for Obama.

Scott has gone on record repeating the same silly Republican talking point claims about how public health care policies will reduce the amount of coverage people have and allow politicians to make determinations on our behalf. Hogwash then. Hogwash now.

The biggest fear Rick Scotthas is that his un-elected and unchecked crew of private accountants, crooked insurance agencies, and big business execs will lose their grapple of the health care YOU AND I rely on.