Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Flip-Flop on the Torture Photos

Mr. President, this is a wrong move.

This goes against transparency in government.

Folks need to SEE what has been done in the name of America.

President Obama on Sri Lanka and Detainee Photos from White House on Vimeo.

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The Angry Independent said...

It was the RIGHT move.

I stated from the beginning that releasing these photos would be boneheaded. Looks like the Obama Administration realized the obvious (although late).

"Folks need to see"....

Folks have already seen the abuses. Plenty of photos from Abu Ghraib and other locations were released years ago. The fact that these abuses were systematic has already been shown by previous photos, memos, and testimony. Releasing these new photos would have done nothing to provide any new information. It would have caused more harm than good. In addition... the violations/crimes in the photos have already been punished and the policies & procedures have been corrected.

This initial effort was an example of a runaway Torture Train that Obama could no longer control. Now you have the Democratic leadership in Congress pissing off the CIA. It's a mess.

This change represents Obama thinking through what he's doing, coming back down to earth and making the best decision. This is Obama finally attempting to apply some brakes to the Runaway Torture Train which he launched in the first place.

Unfortunately.... it might be too late. It has taken on a life of its own now... like I predicted it would. And it could end up hurting his Presidency.

I know one thing... his advisers are idiots. This man has folks in the White House who don't even understand that flying a 747 and a fighter Jet low over Manhattan isn't a good idea.