Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Republican Party Spokesmen Are Still Pushing Story that President Obama Is Not A Natural Born U.S. Citizen

It's interesting to see how on one hand the Republican Party is trying to give the impression that it is putting on a new face and is no longer tone deaf. Yet, on the other hand, underneath all of that, it's pretty obvious that nothing is really changing within the GOP. They still have their spokespeople out spreading divisive propaganda and showing their bigotry, at exactly the same time that the Republican Party is putting on an act to convince voters that the GOP is receiving a makeover.

Mirror On America Exclusive

Listen to the following audio which I obtained myself, from the Bill Cunningham Show which aired Sunday evening (May 3, 2009). This is a discussion between Cunningham and Jerome Corsi (another Republican Party hack).

The narrative that they are pushing is - Obama is a Muslim; Obama is not a (Natural Born) U.S. Citizen; Obama didn't really have the right to attend college; Obama didn't really earn his education; Obama is a Communist; we don't really know who Barack Obama is... could be a friend to the terrorists....etc. These are the people who speak for the Republican Party....and they are still spewing this kind of poison and hatred. I could feel the racism through the radio. (part of the discussion is caught off in the very beginning... I was using my digital recorder).

Check out the Republican Media Page via the sidebar (still under construction) to find out more about the Republican media strategy regarding President Obama.


DaisyDeadhead said...

They really need to give this shit a rest! YOU LOST, DUDES, GET OVER IT! :P

rikyrah said...

They can't help themselves. They just can't.

BernieGoldberg said...

DaisyDeadhead said...
"They really need to give this shit a rest! YOU LOST, DUDES, GET OVER IT! :P"
-69 million vortes for Oblahma, 60 MILLION for McCain.
You gullible, indifferent morons voted more against Bush than you did for B. Hussein, in the last election. And according to Oblahma's affiliation with ACORN, he cheated. So typical.
"Wheeeeeee! The democratic messiah is half-black, we're black! Vote early, vote often!" Why, you'd all have voted for Chris Rock or Jamie Foxxx(not his real name) just on their race alone!
But, you just couldn't help yourselves, you just couldn't.