Friday, May 29, 2009

They Are Who We Thought They Were

I've said for awhile that the GOP just can't help themselves. They simply can't.

May this go viral to every Spanish Speaking radio and tv station and make the rounds in Latino emails from coast to coast.

They are who we thought they were.

From Ta-Nehisi Coates:

29 May 2009 10:30 am

Just amazing. Bill Bennett (he of Superpredator fame) and Fred Barnes on Sotomayor:

BARNES: I think you can make the case that she's one of those who has benefited from affirmative action over the years tremendously.

BENNETT: Yeah, well, maybe so. Did she get into Princeton on affirmative action, one wonders.

BARNES: One wonders.

BENNETT: Summa Cum Laude, I don't think you get on affirmative action. I don't know what her major was, but Summa Cum Laude's a pretty big deal.

BARNES: I guess it is, but you know, there's some schools and maybe Princeton's not one of them, where if you don't get Summa Cum Laude then or some kind of Cum Laude, you then, you're a D+ student.


The Angry Independent said...


I just looked at this for the first time...and I think I may be hallucinating.

Because it sounded like this man called La Raza the KKK. Please tell me I just imagined that.... that perhaps my sleepiness is causing my mind to play tricks on me (because I am quite tired...although I can't sleep... insomnia). Has to be the fatigue.

La Raza is like the Hispanic Urban League or NAACP...except it's a Hell of a lot better (from all that I've read about it over the years...they actually do work to help their people. It's not a shell or relic like Black legacy organizations).

Just wow!

How bad will the crazy get? It's scary to think about... because they always seem to exceed expectations. I see these people as having no limits in terms of what they might do. None. They scare the Hell out of me.

rikyrah said...


I tell you...this stuff is coming so fast and furious that I can barely keep up.

Yes, he called LaRaza the KKK.

I read that Barnes/Bennett exchange all yesterday and just couldn't get past it either.

Liberal Arts Dude said...

It looks like the Republican Party is showing its true colors where appealing to minority constituents is something they neither care about or even consider. They are openly appealing to the angry, bigoted, racist crowd in these communications which tells a lot about who the Republican Party considers its base of supporters nowadays.

If this keeps up the Republican Party might be headed towards becoming a hard-right, regional entity along the lines of France's Jean-Marie Le Pen -- an extremist fringe party.

But I think that they are well-organized enough with a media and political grassroots infrastructure that they can't easily be dismissed and they can still take power. It is up to moderate Republicans and the Chamber of Commerce lobby to decide if they want to remain associated with these types of Republicans or if they want to bolt the party and form their own political entity. Minority constituents, after all, are still voters and customers for businesses. No matter how conservative you are or business-oriented you have to realize that as a fact of American life in 2009.