Saturday, May 30, 2009

Roland Burris Caught On FBI Wiretap

Burris: "I might be able to do this in the name of Tim Wright"

Roland Burris- who told Illinois lawmakers under oath that he had no discussions with anyone in the Blago camp about Obama's Senate seat or about providing favors for the seat...and that there was no talk of transferring money- was apparently caught on FBI phone taps wheeling and dealing with Rob Blagojevich, the brother of then Governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich.

Yes... Burris was in a dilemma, as indicated by the conversation, but it was not because he genuinely wanted to avoid a conflict of interest. Clearly his concern was simply not getting caught. Why discuss providing money in someone else's name? Apparently Burris' business partner, Fred Lebed, may have also been involved in discussing the seat on Burris' behalf. Emptywheel from Firedoglake has an interesting take on the roles that surrogates might have played. See more here.

I knew how dirty and corrupt politics could be, but Chicago has taken corruption to new heights. Federal Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald had never seen anything like it.
It reinforces my cynicism about politics.

Hopefully Burris will be forced to finally step down. But he is so narcissistic and hungry for power that he isn't likely to step aside. It will probably take an indictment to get the Democrats to take any action. Blacks of course will cry foul. Black people, for the most part, are o.k. with having a tainted, corrupt Black Senator in office - because he's Black. Blacks seem much more tolerant and open to the idea of being represented by corrupt politicians. This is why Black support is so often associated with crooked and unaccountable Mayors in cities across the Country. Blacks elect the same kinds of Mayors over and over again...and then wonder why their cities are a mess. Blacks always seems to support these folks & always will (because they are Black...and by golly...we need Blacks in these positions).

Hear Full Audio of conversation between Burris and Rob Blagojevich (Blago's brother) back in the Fall of 2008.

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