Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Republican Party Spokesman Banned From Britain for Fostering "Hate" & "Extremism"

Republican Party Spokesman Michael Savage (Michael Alan Weiner) has been put on notice by the British Government that he is not welcomed in the Country. Savage has been officially banned. He was included on a banned list for his constant hate speech. The banning is part of a program in Britain to stem the problem of Extremism.

This comes on the heels of a case from last week where another Republican spokesman, David Duke, was arrested in the Czech Republic for spreading hatred and fomenting extremism.

Kudos to Jacqui Smith and to the British government for recognizing this Cancer and not being afraid to put these folks on notice.

Additional Article from the Australian Press


Tychalla said...

These clowns are not satisfied with the monkies that hang on their every word here,they have to take their circus freak show on the road.What a bunch of weenies.I bet these guys could not get laid in a women's prison if they had a handful of pardons.

Andre said...

In the spirit of non-criminal free speech, I have to disagree with the UK's decision to give Savage the boot. But similiarly in the interest of preserving a nation's sovereignty (which trumps what I might think about their decisions), I saw all power to them.

What many don't realize is that with exercising free speech, there are consequences associated. Mike, Duke, and their crew of bigots can spew whatever foul vitriol they want. But if they can't see Big Ben in person because it of it, that's something they'll have to live with.

All told, I'm not so sure how effective a national ban would be in silencing people like Savage and folks of his ilk. If anything, all that will do is bolster their rhetoric and make it more pointed - specifically citing the UK in his next series of diatribes.