Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Republican Party Leader Calls Sotomayor A Racist

Republican party spokesman and leader Rush Limbaugh says Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor is a racist. And he didn't stop there...he also called President Obama a racist.

The Republicans are wasting no time with their attacks against this woman. It has only been a few hours since Obama made his announcement...and the Republican filth machine is already working at full capacity.

I have no problem with what Sotomayor said that supposedly drew Limbaugh's attention. They had these quotes picked out in advance to attack her...and they were going to attack her no matter what. But they are grasping at straws here.


rikyrah said...

They can't help themselves.

Phi Beta Kappa - Princeton.

G-T-F-O-H about her being unqualified.


Uh huh.

Liberal Arts Dude said...

Here we go again -- the GOP playbook. Paint Sotomayor as as a far left-wing radical and sling the mud see if it sticks. The fact that the GOP and Limbaugh is so up in arms about Sotomayor's nomination actually has the reverse effect on me. I know very little about her but if they are gonna sling the mud that much this early on hey I already like her! And I'm going to research a bit more to see what she is made of. Based on my early readings, Judge Sotomayor is pretty much a centrist rather than the rabid, far left wing activist judge the GOP is trying to paint her to be. It looks like the GOP playbook is relying on peoples' prejudices and ignorance and hyping up fear instead of dealing with reality. I guess I'm not surprised. I hope most folks would see through their stupid game plan as well.

Andre said...

If the Repubs are smart, they'll isolate themselves from Rush and his views about Sotomayor as quickly as possible (though that's not very likely). Politically, it would be a bad look for them to attack a "bootstraper", even as they continue preaching the importance of 'picking oneself up by their bootstraps.' Additionlly, they stand to take a major hit politically with the latino community if they grill her too hard. Our latino brothers and sisters don't have as short of a memory as many folks in this nation. When the GOP attacked latino communities in California with Prop 187, they lost a majoring group. If they make the same mistake of being too critical of the FIRST latino nominee to the Court, they will take a nation-wide hit from which they'll never be able to recover.

Liberal Arts Dude said...

I'm not holding my breath on the Republican Party distancing itself from the likes of Rush Limbaugh. He was the person that brought RNC chair Michael Steele to heel when Steele did a half-hearted attempt to assert independence from Limbaugh. I would be amazed and surprised if the Republican Party officials did something as courageous as censure, rebuke, or try to put distance between themselves and Limbaugh no matter how politically smart that move may be.

BernieGoldberg said...

Speaking of playbooks, and talk about can't help themselves, let's start with the black american version: "Oh, there's a half-white, half-black guy running for president? Well, he's GOT to be a good choice, if only because he's half-black, right?! I'm black, he's black, what more do we need??Who cares about his racist preacher/mentor of 20 years and all those other ugly FACTS! Like his muslim childhood(Google that one, brutha), like him using the term 'cracker' in his book, The Audumbcity of Hope', etc."
And way to go, B. Hussein, apologize to the world for America's history and past fallen soldiers that made it possible for you and your family to be free. Gee, I don't recall your african motherland contributing ANYTHING good to the world or the United States of America. (BTW-How's your momma-in-law like dat free rent you gave her in da WHITE House?)
And then there's the Jackass Dem. party playbook:"Who cares what Sotomayor said! How dare they twist and take her (explicitly racist) comment about latino women and white men out of context. Like those nasty Rev Wright sound bites." "Oh, poor us, those GOP haters, blah blah whine whine."
Nobama is the (half) black version of slick Willy Clinton with a cigarette in hand.
Any of you people-Yeah YOU people-one who cries and complains about this post is a hypocrite.

Andre said...

*snickers at Bernie Goldberg*

Dude, you should take that one-man circus of yours on the road. Seriously, you should. You can get started now by leaving and never coming back.

If you need some places to go, I hear Texas is nice this time of year. Apparently, they're gonna be seceding soon...

Andre said...

@ LAD: While I think Republicans will tend to subscribe to much of Rush's lunacy, I'm not very confident they're all gonna roll with his nonsensical diatribes about Sotomayor being a "racist." True, Republicans typically jump at the chance at being able to cite "reverse racism" whenever they can. But at this point in the game it is simply not politically prudent or reasonable to go that route.

Our latino brothers and sisters are QUICKLY becoming a legitimate electorate in this country. When Obama was able to secure enough of the Latin-American vote to turn red states into blue states, the GOP was hit with a solid left hook. The Latino community to whom George W. Bush successfully endeared was jumping ship. If the Republicans stand to have half the relevance with latinos now than Bush did a mere 4-5 years ago, they must start by going easy on Sotomayor. Anything too aggressive will turn Latino voters off of the GOP for years to come.

BernieGoldberg said...

From Andre's profile:
"I strive to be the person God has called for me to be. I’m nowhere near that point, but I try to work toward it daily."
*"Oh Brother" eyes up at Andre*

You've failed at that striving, Dood.

As for your Texas comment to me, I hear the back-to-africa movement repatriation is still a viable option.

Does mommy know you're creating web pages to spew racism while pitifully trying to get dates?

Andre said...

"You've failed at that striving, Dood.Fortunately, it's not your approval I need to meet. 'Cuz quite frankly, I'm not in the mood to join the Klan. For one, I read a little too well. Secondly, I like having my teeth. Finally, the whole white sheets thing doesn't do anything for my sense of fashion.

Now run along and let the adults talk amongst themselves.

*Thanks, by the way, for stopping by my joint. I was suffering from a hits drought for a second there.*

Liberal Arts Dude said...

Hi Andre -- I see what you are saying and I have no disagreement. It will be politically unwise for Republicans to vigorously oppose Sotomayor's nomination along the terms Rush Limbaugh and his ilk are proposing. I see moderate Republicans along these lines more than the hardcore conservative base. However, I have yet to hear about any prominent Republican leader officially censuring, rebuking or distancing the Republican Party from Limbaugh on this issue. For the most part it's just silence. Perhaps time will tell and let's see how the nomination process plays itself out in a few weeks. Maybe we will see moderate Republicans openly taking an opposite stance from Limbaugh. But like I said I am not holding my breath on this one.

Andre said...

Hi Lib,

A person on my blog hipped me to Michael Steele's response. He essentially put out a blanketed suggestion to the Republicans not to go after Sotomayor. It's interesting, though, that he didn't make it a point to call Rush out directly. I'm really starting to think that Mike is afraid of Lord Limbaugh.