Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Remember Obama's ' Latino' Problem?

Well, let's check in and see how Obama is doing.

From DailyKos:

First off we have the latest Latino Decision Poll conducted in battle ground states.

Full Poll:

Latino Decisions Poll, August 27, 2008

Colorado O:69% M:24%
New Mexico O:70% M:21%
Nevada O:68% M:22%
Florida O:45% M:48%

By comparison here are the exit polls from 2004

Colorado K:68% B:30%
New Mexico K:56% B:44%
Nevada K:60% B:39%
Florida K:44% B:56%

Comparison of June’s Poll Numbers

Colorado O:57% M:31%
New Mexico O:57% M:31%
Nevada O:57% M:31%
Florida O:43% M:42%

So in 2 months
Obama is +12 in CO while McCain is -7
Obama is +13 in NM while McCain is -10
Obama is +11 in NV while McCain is -9

Now for Poll Number 2 which confirms a crazy lead for Obama.

Democracy Corp Poll, July and August Polling
AZ, CO, NM, NV - No Florida

Obama 69%
McCain 24%

The details are worth reading, at the DailyKos diary, or the links to the polls.


The Angry Independent said...

Obama would probably win Florida with a comfortable margin if not for Conservative Cubans.

They always seem to be such a single agenda group... it's annoying. Every President has to bow down to them... just like AIPAC.

I have nothing against Cubans... I just wish their politics weren't so narrowly focused. And I really think this is mostly an issue for the older Cubans (who tend to vote more regularly). The younger Cubans (on both sides) probably want to see their relatives, want to travel more freely, etc. They are not so weighed down by the baggage of the past. They recognize that Castro is on the way out for good...and that a new day is coming for Cuba.

Raul Castro has signaled that he wants to modernize the economy and improve relations. The next President should seize the moment. (the same kind of moment that we failed to seize with Russia after the Fall of Communism). U.S. companies are waiting to do business in Cuba to spread their market.

If the U.S. doesn't take advantage of opportunities in Cuba (both economic and political), then others will...such as the Europeans, China, Russia, Venezuela...and others. The U.S. will end up left out and locked out.

rikyrah said...

Obama is running EVEN with McCain in Florida. That's a total change for a Democrat. He's doing way better than Kerry