Thursday, September 18, 2008

Who Will Transform The Economy? Obama or McCain?

Hear a great discussion from On Point Radio, regarding the current state of the economy, particularly the poisoned financial system, and who has the best foresight to change it.

Robert Kuttner, editor of The American Prospect, and the author of "Obama's Challenge: America's Economic Crisis and the Power of a Transformative Presidency", discusses what the next President must do.

It's amazing how McCain is suddenly the candidate of "Change" and can all of a sudden fix Wall Street... when his track record shows that he repeatedly blocked efforts to regulate the financial markets during his 26 years in Washington. It seems like this man reinvents himself every other week. Why isn't the MSM calling him on this flip flop (the biggest flip flop of all).... Not to mention his role in the S&L mess several years back?

This is a must listen.... Listen Here.

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Truthiz said...

A good discussion_but at this point Obama is going to have to SHOW ME that he has what it takes to be a "transformative" President.

I already know Mcsenile AIN'T "the one"!

But the truth is, the ReThuglicRats in both parties are just fine with those good ole boys over at the Federal Reserve and The U.S. Treasury doing any d*mn thing they please with OUR money!

_and now those lying-azz crooks have CONspired to steal an even more “massive” amount of OUR hard-earned money to save their own assets AND azzez_ and that of their “friends”…while telling Us that they’re actually doing it to save Us?!

As one writer put it: “The arsonists are now saying_you don't want to burn the whole house down do you?”

Given all that's unfolded the past 8 years, I'm now in agreement with those who believe a “shadow government” _a CARTEL, if you will_ is running this country while the “Official” government” serves as a front!

It’s all a sham_our political system, our financial and banking system, the military industrial complex, you name it_IT’S A SHAM!

Will an Obama Presidency really BEGIN to root out the layers of Corruption and clean up some of this monumental mess?!

Like I said, he's gonna have to show me.