Friday, September 19, 2008

Is Everyone For Sale?

I wonder if Obama will really change Washington when I read stories like this. Both of the "reform" and "change" candidates (although McSame is as phony as can be on "change") have gotten tons of money from Fannie and Freddie lobbyists. I will be watching to see whether he reforms campaign finance.... will he require all candidates to drink from the same Public cup...with a limit on how much money can come from the Democratic or Republican Parties (or any other Party)? Will he stop the system of "bundling"? or will he keep the same corrupt system in place?

I understand that this time around he had to go private, because he would have been steamrolled by Republican Party money. But will he change it once in office? This is something he will have to tackle in his first term... that's if he is able to somehow defeat John McSame.... which will likely require a miracle.

I will give Obama the benefit of the doubt, and give him a chance to change the system once elected. He was in a tough position this time around. But these reports still raise questions.


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desertrose said...

It's good to see Obama fighting back!. But he needs to get more SPECIFIC and tell voters what he intends to do to change the current situation. His statements are more general and and lacking the beef. Truth be told his campaign received huge amounts of money for a different kind of lobbyists: those who paid for the grandiose convention. There is no free lunch. That's why he is careful to say anything of substance so that it won't end up biting him in the rear. Besides, his advisers from the Chicago School of Economics and Friedman's apostles, with their disastrous economic policies of privatizing of everything in the public ownership that ruined the average American's little wealth and savings, and sidelined government's power to do much won't help him lead the country outta this economic madness.

Lobbying is just another form of (legal) corruption , and the co-opt governments, and the core of democracy or sh*tocracy. I see no difference between Nigerian corruption that syphon off people's wealth, and the what's going on in the U.S right now. At least, the Nigerian is obvious and rulers don't claim the moral high ground. I am saddened to see how a great country has been run to the ground for the past thirty years, and it's people getting poorer and poorer. The third worldization of of America has been here for the long time, now we are seeing the end result.


desertrose said...

Here is another issue that might be of interest. I wonder if Obama/democrats will speak openly about this important subject, which will directly affect the election this year.

Here is the link to Democracy Now who took the issue in many different states. Kudos to Amy Goodman.
Lost Homes, Lost Votes: Are Republicans Trying to Block Foreclosed Homeowners from Voting in Michigan?