Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The National Organization For Women Throws Support Behind Obama

NOW has officially endorsed Barack Obama. But will it help him? Can it blunt the mindless Palin craze?

According to some Polls, the Palin Bounce has been erased, so this endorsement may have come just at the right time.

But where is Hillary? Notice how she has been reluctant to come out and fight Palin OR McCain on behalf of Obama. A sign to me that the Clinton's and the Democratic Party establishment are still less than enthused about their own nominee. It's a little sickening to watch. Because I don't think he would be meeting such resistence if his skin were a lighter shade. Where have all the surrogates gone? (sounds like the title of a song).


Truthiz said...

Now AI you know that the Clintons and the Democratic "establishment" are scared sh*tless that Barack is going to win.

And IF he can stay On Point_On Point_ On Point_and relentlessly DRIVE his message Home to the American people_tie Dubya to McSenile and wrap the economy around both their necks, I think he can win!

I know that the dynamics can change on a dime. And I'm not saying that he doesn't need some help from the Clintons and "friends". I'm simply saying that the more Obama can really achieve in making the case on his own, the better!

I am not Star Jones said...

if hrc runs again, i will remember this.