Wednesday, September 10, 2008

McCain Making Serious Push for Michigan and Pennsylvania

Obama is losing ground in Michigan - A State that should be a Democratic stronghold. See Dave Leip's Michigan Page.

Obama is also beginning to struggle in Pennsylvania. See here.

These tend to be safe States for Democrats, at least that has been the case in recent elections.
The fact that these two States are in play this year may be a sign of trouble for the Democrats. I don't believe that Obama should lose either State, considering the urban vote in Philadelphia and Detroit, but the race should not be this close. It will depend on whether the current trend holds & Obama continues to slip or if he can stop the bleeding and recover....and how soon.

Check Dave Leip's interactive map on the sidebar to check State by State polling.

Of course this has everything to do with Race and xenophobia, and not much else.
This is why running a Black candidate is such a risk. I'm willing to admit and accept that America is sick.... has been sick for most of its history, going back to slavery, and it will most likely always be sick in terms of its racial polarization. I embraced this a long time ago.

I'm willing to accept that there will likely never be a Black President. So much so, that it is not a part of my agenda... never has been. Some folks are more concerned with having a Black President than having a Progressive in the White House. I'd much rather have a "safe" white Progressive candidate who could win (and who would probably be beating McCain by double digits at this point) than the current social experiment, which is flirting with disaster. White and Blue are more important colors to me than Brown when it comes to the Presidential election, especially when Brown has to struggle so hard just to stay afloat. What's more important to me are the issues that are important to a particular candidate and the values that he or she represents.

The idea that Democrats might be headed for another defeat - with all that we know... with all the evidence- is absolutely unthinkable. But here we are... I predicted the current situation, which is turning out to be a trainwreck for Democrats. Bad year for this kind of social experimentation, especially in a Country that is this sick. Terminally ill in fact. In another 50-100 years, you won't recognize this Country. If it stays on its present path (straight down) it will be a profoundly different Country in 50-100 years, perhaps even sooner. It will be a shell of what it used to be.

This wouldn't be so bad if it had a silver lining... if another loss could cause a collapse of the impotent and ineffective Democratic Party. Something new is desperately needed. A smarter, more savvy, Progressive Party that knows how to win. A Party that understands the habits of the American electorate.

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