Thursday, September 11, 2008

James.Dobson.In.A.Dress doesn't know what the BUSH DOCTRINE IS

I know some of you believe she's a distraction, but to me, this is about John McCain's JUDGMENT and FITNESS TO BE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

He is telling this country, that, if the unthinkable happens, that this woman




The doctrine the results of which has cost us our moral standing in the world. Nearly destroyed our military. Fast approaching 1 TRILLION dollars, and put us in hock to The Chinese, thus undermining our national security and sovereignty.

I doubt the guy who bags my groceries knows either...but he's not trying to become the Second Highest Officeholder in this country.

From Ta-Nehisi Coates:

I like to think I've been at least sober in my criticism of Palin. Maybe not. Either way, today, I finally got it. Forget about Trooper-gate and creationism. Forget about the truly low, cynical people who think that being the target of "liberal ridicule" neccessarily means your qualified to lead the country. Forget about moose-hunting and pipelines. You simply can't be a credible VP nominee and have no idea what the Bush doctrine is. Watch this clip. And then think about the people who say Andrew has lost his mind over Palin's nomination. I admit, for a while I wondered why he was going so hard. Now I know. And now I know who, truly, must be out their minds.

PS- then there's that little thing about war with Russia.

Andrew Sullivan's take on this.

Now, remember, this was the kissass Charlie Gibson. This wasn't an actual press conference with actual questions, not scripted by Camp County Last. And I know you don't wonder why they've hidden her away in Alaska. It's because she's UNQUALIFIED.


Bakare said...

Finally. I've been waiting for this first interview. What I saw was a quickly briefed, but otherwise unprepared candidate for the 2nd most powerful position in the world. Her answers were canned and it showed in her inability to nimbly pivot when the 2nd level of "softballs" were thrown. We need to fear a McCain/Palin administration. We were handed evidence of another NeoCon this evening.

The Angry Independent said...


When I heard about this interview this evening at work, I damn near had a heart attack.

She was clueless about the Bush doctrine...and had to basically dodge the question. You can tell that she is in the early stages of being coached. It seemed to me that she either forgot her lines or they weren't able to coach her on that one yet.

But what really got me was her comment on Russia.

Essentially she stated that WWIII would likely be needed under a McCain-Palin administration.


If they (Russia) invades another Country.

WHAT??? Does she even know the history of the conflict... that the current situation dates back 17years and that Georgia's aggression led to this latest war????

This woman is dangerously unqualified...and hopefully more people will begin to see this situation for what it is. But then again... with the majority of the American public being just as clueless, will they be able to tell the difference between a candidate who is qualified and one who isn't? (that's one of the big dangers for this Country in terms of the future... if the U.S. doesn't fix its education system.)

She wants Georgia and Ukraine in NATO???? For what? That's suicide. That's a red line for Russia. Russia still has military installations in Ukraine for Gods Sake! Up until a few years ago... Russia still had troops based in Georgia (inside of Georgia proper)... that's in addition to the troops in the 2 disputed regions. Russia and Georgia have had skirmishes quite often since 1991... several a year since that time. The two Countries have basically been in a low level war since the end of the Soviet Union. It is one of the biggest hot spots in the world. This latest war just happened to be one of the larger fights. Why in the Hell would you want such a volatile and unstable part of the World in the NATO alliance? Why would you want to include a Country that is at war or has disputed borders? Hell, we don't need Georgia. They offer nothing to NATO in terms of capability. And NATO doesn't need the's already too large.

Membership is simply a symbolic way for the West (esp. the U.S.) to thumb its nose at Russia. Also, those who want Georgia in NATO believe that it will help spread democracy and promote economic growth in the Central Asian/Caucus States (but that's what organizations like the EU, OSCE, WTO, the UN and other such entities are for). NATO is a defense treaty organization that has lost its sense of now they are trying to expand for the wrong reasons... and it is going to cost us.

"He is telling this country, that, if the unthinkable happens, that this woman


Regarding the nukes...

As VP, she will already have the codes and equipment to launch nukes.... the VP has their own strategic military team that travels with them everywhere they go.... There are 2 football teams... one for the President, and one for the VP....although the authority to launch isn't automatic. I don't think Americans understand how risky this is...
You will have a fundamentalist revelationist Christian in charge of the armed forces. Unreal! I don't even want to think about it.

We are in some very troubling times.

I am trying not to think about a McCain victory... but it is driving me crazy. Just when you think nothing could be worse than the Bush administration... something worse comes along.

I don't think Obama will be much better in terms of foreign policy, since he seems to share the Bush/McCain position on NATO, Georgia, and several other issues. But I think Obama might be more flexible...and has more of a chance of moderating his position once in office. He will have to be more realistic, pragmatic and sensible... if he wants a successful Presidency. And he will hopefully have advisors who are not insane. If he wants to do all of the domestic things he wants to do... he will have to avoid foreign conflict (if at all possible)... because we really won't have the money for his ambitious domestic proposals...and new wars overseas.

McSame and Palin, on the other hand, will be driven by a sick, misguided ideology.... not rooted in facts, reality, or common sense. They would base decisions on what their God and the religious establishment (and corporate elites) will tell them to do. They are outside of the mainstream on just about everything when it comes to foreign policy and domestic issues as well.

This election has me praying hard... and i'm not even religious. Pride myself on not being religious... but i'm at the end of my rope.

The Angry Independent said...

"He is telling this country, that, if the unthinkable happens, that this woman


These two being elected will be the unthinkable. That line might be crossed on November 4th.