Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sarah Palin Supporters At Book Signing

Another video with the Teabaggers. Thanks to Oliver Willis.

This is why I tweeted a few days ago that The United States was finito (long-term) and that I might consider Canada.

Is the public school system to blame for this? There is more to it than a lack of education...has to be more to it than that. I think it also has to do with cultural isolation (esp. in White rural U.S. in Rustbelt and the South), geographical or national isolation (not having a basic understanding of the World outside of the lower 48 State box or even outside of your region within that box), a certain level of prejudice, and being in a Conservative echo chamber all your life. It takes a perfect storm of a lot of things to create this IMO. Pretty scary stuff... knowing that these are the folks who are going to the ballot box with the power to make decisions that impact the lives of the rest of us.

This only backs up my long held belief that voters in this Country respond more to the superficial, such as who they would like to have a beer with or have dinner with, who they identify with racially and culturally, who they identify with in terms of religious and moral views, as opposed to basing their voting decisions on actual policies and facts. They are not the most engaged and informed voters...yet they are some of the most emotionally driven and most loyal. This is especially true for Conservatives/Republicans. And the Right Wing media (Limbaugh & Co.) has taken full advantage of these people for their own gain IMO. (whipping them up into a frenzy with that they not only slam and literally threaten the President...but buy their books as well). The manipulation of these folks is epic.

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Andre said...

AI, I get your frustration. But let's flip this: Obama won the election due, in part, to some of the same people on his side. The glaring difference between loyalists is their ideology (the McCain/Palin folks exhibited far more racism, bigotry, and intolerance). But both sides went into the election -- and go into MANY elections -- as politically uninformed voters. For all the videos out there showing the vast ignorance of Palin supporters, I'd venture to say that you could find just as many videos (should they actually be made) of Obama supporters who don't have a clue about policy. Again, the most obvious difference in the two groups reigns supreme: you'll never hear a black Obama supporter saying "I'm not supporting some Panamanian Honky", a step up from what could be heard at many of Palin's rallies/recent book signings.

In general, the electorate is politically stupid. This doesn't start or end with Sarah Palin.