Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Republican Spokesman Wesley Pruden Suggests That Obama's Blood Is Not Authentically American

In other words, he is saying that Obama is not a real American and doesn't have "real American" values. If you have read my Republican media page, I explain that "real American" and related code language simply means "White American"....and in the case of Wesley Pruden, it likely means White Southerner.

Pruden made his incendiary comments in a new Washington Times column, which has been highlighted by Media Matters. In the column, Pruden also takes a swipe at Obama's mother for being with a Black man. Based on the reactions expressed in the comments on the Media Matters page, I see I was not the only one left numb by this story. My jaw hit the floor. I guess Stormfront commentary has gone mainstream. Republicans/Conservatives are becoming less and less inhibited when it comes to expressing their racism.

Pruden - bigot extraordinaire - is the former editor of the Washington Times, and has an interesting history.

Learn more about Pruden here, and here. Also see a related article at the Southern Poverty Law Center website.

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rikyrah said...

no, you were not the only one left numb by this obvious racism. it's disgusting. but, they are who we thought they were.