Monday, November 09, 2009

The Fall of the Berlin Wall

I feel so old. This was 20 years ago?

I lived in Germany at the time, and remember this like it was just a few years ago.
But it didn't really end the Cold War, unfortunately. We have Bill Clinton and George W. Bush to thank for that.


Jay in Vancouver said...

I can't believe that it's already 20 years. I exactly remember the 9th November 20 years ago. I was sitting in front of TV here in Vancouver and couldn't believe what was happening. The atmosphere was amazing. People lost fear from the regime and showed enormous courage. I was just afraid that regime would stop everything by power but fortunately nothing like that happened. The optimism was great but the reality in upcoming years was quite difficult from the economical point of view.


rikyrah said...

i can't believe it either. for some reason NIGHTLINE comes to mind with was stunning, it was like, it was there, and then it wasn't, and you really didn't know what the hell had happened.