Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Please Make Her the Republican Nominee for 2012

Well, Not Exactly...

I am secretly hoping that Sarah Palin becomes the Republican Presidential nominee in 2012. And as dense and gullible as Republican voters are (not all...but many) they just might make it happen. But then i'm reminded of how boneheaded Americans are as a whole, and how they may be crazy enough to actually put her in the White House in the General election, especially with the potential backlash of having a Black incumbent. The American voter is capable of doing a lot of crazy things, many of which have little to do with reality or common sense. They elected George W. Bush twice for goodness sake (really once...but you get the point). So i'm not so sure that it's actually safe for this Palin fantasy to come true.... because it might go too far. The idea of Palin getting anywhere near the White House is horrifying.

But if this CBS poll is correct.... we probably won't have to worry about this kind of worst case scenario.

I'm a little perplexed as to why the media is giving her so much play. I'm amused by their incessant interest in knowing whether she will run for President (legitimizing her as if she is anywhere close to being qualified). It's as if the media folks have been in a bubble over the past 2 years. It's as if they forgot what happened during the campaign. Hello!!! It was pretty much established that she wasn't qualified to be VP... so why in the Hell would she be qualified to run for President? Did something change since last years campaign that I don't know about?


Anonymous said...

she will get my vote

rikyrah said...

you are about as cynical as they come, so you must understand...

it because of the MSM, pretending that this woman is anything other than a FARCE, is why she's still around.

how can they call her out, when they only pushed her and ignored the obviousness about her...they are COMPLICIT in this.

the MSM is complicit in promoting that this woman is credible. To expose her for the FRAUD that she is, would mean that they would have to admit all that they did NOT do during the campaign.

Andrew Sullivan, who along with MUDFLATS, are the heroes that told the truth from the get go about Caribou Barbie, explains it well:

17 Nov 2009 02:58 pm
John McCain: The Reason For All Of This

Richard Coen convenes a meeting:

The Institute for the Study of Sarah Palin might conclude that she represents the exact moment important Republicans gave up on democracy. She was clearly seen as an empty vessel who could be controlled by her intellectual betters. These include the editorial boards of the Weekly Standard and the Wall Street Journal, neither of which would hire Palin to make an editorial judgment but both of which would be thrilled to see her as president of the United States. It does not bother these people in the least that the woman is a demagogue -- remember "death panels"? -- and not, on the face of it, very responsible. If she quit as governor of Alaska in the noble pursuit of money, might she quit as, say, vice president or president for the same reason? From what I hear, one can never be too rich.

The WSJ and TWS have long ago lost any intellectual credibility. They use sophism to maintain power. Their cynicism and/or denial mechanisms are deeper than most mortals can imagine.

We knew that about a charlatan like Kristol and a nihilist like Rove. But what I didn't fully come to terms with, until the Palin farce, was the full extent of John McCain's recklessness and cynicism. This is worth keeping in mind through all this. The only reason we even know about Sarah Palin is John McCain.

He picked her so carelessly, and his thought process was so cynical, that he should stand in the dock of public opinion before Palin does. Her vanity led her to say yes to his crazy offer. But he gave her that chance. And in the end, she is his responsibility.

And that's why in fact the pushback has been almost milquetoast. How do Steve Schmidt and John McCain reveal the truth about Palin when that truth only further proves their fantastic incompetence, nihilism and unseriousness with respect to government? And what's truly telling about Washington is that a man like McCain, who perpetrated this nonsense and even now refuses to take an ounce of responsibility for it, is nonetheless invited on countless talk shows and treated like the hero he always was. And no one demands he account for this train-wreck outside his tested cant about Palin "exciting the base."

If he had any sense of responsibility, he would resign. And if the Washington media had any sense of responsibility, it would never invite him on TV again without demanding he take responsibility for what he nearly did to the national security of this country. No one who put this person near the nuclear button should have a future in public life.

But this is Washington. And they protect their own.


Anonymous said...

It is called capitalism at it's finest. People have talked about her so bad and now she is making money off it. She will not run don't worry.