Friday, November 20, 2009

More Teabagger Videos

Attention LAD in particular.... to support my point.

See additional video posted via Oliver Willis

If you use the search feature above, you can find other videos of Teabaggers at rallies being quizzed, but not knowing much about what the Hell is going on in terms of facts and policy...and not really understanding why they were really there.

(I can repost those later... I don't have time to search the archives... but if you search "Glenn Beck", "Right Wing Media", etc.. the videos should come up in a search).


rikyrah said...

if they actually made any sense, they wouldn't be teabaggers. I don't dismiss them; I think they're dangerous because I believe one of them is going to try something physical, thinking that the second amendment protects them; WHEN that happened, they need to be dropped like a bad habit.

Debra said...

I personally think they did fine. Seems to me they explained exactly where they came from by having limited govt. The bailout was a bipartisan issue. It was not well excepted by anyone. Once again, another bill slammed through without the approval of the citizens. By the way, how about those videos of Obama supporters thinking Palin Obamas running mate, or that Obama was going to get them a house and car. Maybe it was them believing they were going to get money from Obama and when asked where he was going to get it they said it was Obama money.

For every video you deem a tea partier (TEA=Taxed Enough Already)a complete idiot, there is equally one for progressives.

I hope believing progressive ideology is accepted by the masses is a mis-understanding of what a progressive really is. Communism is NOT where the masses want to be.