Saturday, November 21, 2009

Murder Charges Filed In Shaniya Davis Case

More charges have been filed in the case.

What a horror show.

Mario McNeill has been charged with murder. Both McNeill and Antoinette Davis (the egg donor) should face the death penalty...although Davis will likely get off easy.

What's almost just as shocking as the case itself is the fact that both suspects are getting support from....guess who? Women of course. Black women. I know... I know, I shouldn't be surprised. They support child raping R&B performers too (not all of course). I was thumbing through the radio stations while driving to work last week...and heard a concert ticket promotion on one of the degenerate "Chocolate City" radio stations in St. Louis and the woman who called in and won tickets to see R. Kelly (NAACP award recipient and admired beacon of "the Black Community") was so excited that she damn near started to cry on the air. Insanity!!

One of the ex-girlfriends of the thug McNeill thought he was a wonderful man, and doubted the charges against him (why are these women so f------ crazy and such bad judges of character..and of men in particular? I am always hearing this about these murderous, thug, deadbeat boyfriends). And then there was a Davis family member who claims that the egg donor was innocent and was a wonderful mother.

I don't understand these women. I don't understand their culture.

Always seeing them at work drives me mad too.... everyday I see several of them. Saw one in particular...appeared to be a halfway decent Black chick... presentable at least. On her right arm was a chump with his pants down below his ass....showing his underwear in public. If this is acceptable to them (and yes, it's not only accepted now...but it has become a cultural norm)...then I guess it's not really a big leap for these women to support this kind of culture (The modern Black culture), lifestyle, and the crimes that their boyfriends commit. It's all tied together.

I only believe in limited use of the death penalty.... that it should be reserved for special circumstances. This case would be an example.
I would love to be on a State sanctioned firing squad for this f----- "Lil Wayne" clone (and Hell... you could throw in the actual rapper/thug ......well, no, I won't go there. But let's just say... I wouldn't mind).

Meanwhile, the father of this child has time to contribute to Oprah (baby hasn't even had a funeral yet).

Shaniya had a circus around her....few responsible adults it appears.


Anonymous said...

You seem more intent on making disparging comments about blacks than anything else. Not all black women are supporting these beasts. I am a black woman and I do not support what has been done. Along with me, all the black women I know are sickened by such depraved actions by both McNeill and the Davis female.

Why? comes to mind. Why would a 29 year old male want to have sex with a 5 year old child? Why would a female who gave life and birth to a child paticipate in subjecting that poor child to such trauma and death? That is just plain sick.

From reading the different reports, it seems Shaniya was actually sexually violated before she even left the trailer. Why else would feces be all over her favorite blanket which was found in a neighbor's garbage? I suppose the child objected and the older Davis female agreed to the McNeill male removing the child to further violate the child.

It is so awfully sickening that we share this earth with such depraved people. They are lower than snakes.

Anonymous said...


I'll tell you why McNeill had to rape a child, because his didn't get the love he craved from his mommy as a boy...ahhh all together now for poor fucking little
M A R I O.

McNeill was a short arsed, sexually inadequate, insecure, weak and inferior being (except for when he had a gun in hand, was running down a cop or was on the toot - then he felt like he was da man!); thus, he couldn't hold down a normal relationship - no woman wanted him for long, i don't blame em.

So, he turns his attentions to 5 year old Shaniya, sexually assaults her, rapes her, violates her and then strangles her - more than likely the only time in his life he did not feel inadequate and had a sense of power - Yeah Big man ain't you McNeill...a 5 year old child ffs!!

There ain't no excuse for what either of em did, i don't wanna hear no excuses, the state should do all good folk a favour: Kill em both.