Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Fraud That Is GOP ' Supporting the Troops'

This continues to anger me. The GOP wraps itself in the flag and gets away with making votes that HURT THE AVERAGE SOLDIER AND VETERAN. Over and Over.

Now, you have Senator Coburn, the same Senator Coburn who told a woman asking about how to take care of her invalid husband that she should ' depend on neighbors' - THAT Coburn, is holding up legislation that would help the caregivers of Veterans. The Veterans that fall through the cracks. I was a caregiver to my mother, but she had a terminal illness, and I knew, sadly, that my time as a caregiver would end. These people are caregivers to the injured, the maimed, the casulties of war that don't wind up in a cemetary, but do wind up with medical problems for the rest of their lives....and this man has the NERVE to be blocking this.

But, he's such a 'good' American.

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