Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Well, at least SOME folks in the GOP can be honest

I don't know how to embed videos, so follow the link.

Here is another one, with Pat Buchanan and Joe Scarborough

It's worth a listen about how some folks truly feel about James.Dobson.In.A.Dress


Truthiz said...

Now THAT'S funny...and then again, it's not.

Yeah some of those people can be "honest" _as long as it's kept among themselves.

They're more or less saying "d*mn the consequences to the country" when they go on TV and LIE their azzez off in support of Palin when they know it's bullsh*t!

They never intended for the World to hear them speaking The Truth about what many "conservatives" REALLY think of McSenile's reckless decision to name a totally UNqualified, reich-wing person as his VP.

The Rethuglican party truly has gone to the dogs!

The Angry Independent said...


Sorry... I didn't know about the vid situation.

Gotta let me know :).