Tuesday, September 02, 2008

John McCain - The Punk Who Cut And Ran (i.e.Who's afraid of CNN?)

Thanks Sepia for the title :)

John McCain, according to this DailyKos Diary, Senator ' Country Last' is refusing to go on CNN for an interview.

So, what made Senator 'Country Last' upset?

This interview Campbell Brown had with McCain Spokesman, Tucker Bounds.

DailyKos:OK, now we're just in pathological liar territory

Watch the video.

Now, folks know I am NO fan of Campbell Brown, but she actually did her job last night.

So, MAN UP, John Boy.

You're running for PRESIDENT.

If you can't face a CNN reporter, then how will you face Putin?


The Angry Independent said...

My Lord!

Rikyrah... I have run out of words.

She commanded what????????

With each passing hour... I am getting more concerned... because it is clear that McSame and his staff are crazy as Hell.

The Angry Independent said...

For the Record... for folks who may not understand how the National Guard works....

When the Pentagon calls the National Guard up for any kind of service outside of a units home State or outside of the Country... they are immediately under the command of the Pentagon and the White House. The Governor has nothing to do with making any important decisions once those troops are under National Command, especially when they are overseas. Their orders don't come from the Governor.

Governors can activate their National Guard units for disasters within their State....almost always Natural disasters. Theoretically they can activate their forces if their State is under foreign invasion... but when was the last time the U.S. was invaded by foreign forces? lol

So the typical Governor activation of the National Guard for floods, snow storms, etc...DOES NOT represent foreign policy experience. In fact, the National Guard is designed specifically to deal with Domestic issues.... not foreign threats. Guard forces are "intended" to be called for foreign duty only under extreme circumstances. In fact, for years, recruits were advised that they would only be called for foreign deployment in a WWIII situation or if the nation was under attack.

However, in recent years, the foreign deployment of Guard forces has become more routine because the regular Army and the regular reserves have been stretched so thin that it became necessary to use the Guard more often. The Iraq debacle also required more call-ups.

Much of this can be traced back to the George H.W. Bush and Clinton administrations. After the Soviet Union faded, they decided to make deep cuts to the regular Army. Clinton restructured the military by reducing first-line forces...and created a system that relied more on Reserve and Guard troops (big mistake). At the same time however, Clinton and George W. maintained a foreign policy that didn't match the reduced size of the military. In other words, although the regular Army shrank... American interventionist foreign policy became more active. For example, Clinton deployed the military for various conflicts more often than George H.W. or George W. combined. COMBINED.

Furthermore, there is this effort to turn Palin into General Palin- with her one full year of experience as Governor. Although Governors in many States are referred to as "Commander-in-chief" of the National Guard, this is mostly ceremonial. Governors "activate" the National Guard and make requests for disaster declarations from the President. They handle much of the administrative work. However, the real commanding of Guard forces in most States is actually handled by the "Adjutant General"... Governors don't typically get too involved in details of activities, day to day operations, etc.

But yeah... the idea that Governors control their Guard forces after they are under the control of the White House is complete lunacy. More Republican spin.

Lord Please Have Mercy!!!!

Truthiz said...

Let there be NO doubt, John McSenile is "SHO NUFF" crazy as H*ll and IF one simply looks at it from that perspective Sarah Palin probably is the best "fit" for him because her azz is crazy as H*ll too!

And Yes, McSenile has devolved into a Punk-azz!

In fact the enitre Rethuglican party has devolved into something rather distrubing...and embarrassing! A bunch of cowards, criminals, hypocrits, incompetents, LIARS, and reich-wing zealots...it really is mind-boggling!

The world has got to be wondering what the H*ll is going on in America?!