Monday, September 01, 2008

James.Dobson.In.A.Dress Is Going to be a GRANDMOTHER


I thought it was a joke when I first read it on CNN.

The story is HERE.

She's going to marry the Baby Daddy.

Oh yeah, McCain vetted her fully.


UPDATE: Where is the Baby Daddy?

1. How old is he?
If he's her age, how are they supposed to support a child?
2. If he's not her age, just what is the age of consent in Alaska?


The Angry Independent said...

Family Values only matter when they are trying to hurt their opponents.

They are never required to live up to their own standards....the standards that they judge others by. Damn hypocrites!

It strikes a blow to one of the key reasons she was picked in the first place (her so-called Conservative credentials...and to some extent her image as the picture perfect soccer mom). You can throw that out of the window too...right along with the "Obama is inexperienced" argument.

And was she vetted? Nope.

From the reports that I have heard and read... Mr. Magoo only had one conversation with this woman prior to the announcement...(by telephone I believe...and it was not too long ago).


And apparently it was a late decision.

Truthiz said...

@AI-Your points are SPOT ON!

And it all goes back to my point that McSe3nile is pound for pound even MORE dangerous than Dubya!

I wouldn't be surprised to find out that he'd actually had Paline on "stand-by" just in case the Dems had a great convention_which they did_and he panicked! During Barack's speech McSenile was on the phone to Paline so fast he made his OWN head spin!

Vetted? Who had time for that?!

He had ONE conversation with her and he felt that was good enough.

And some Americans want to put that war-mongering Senile old reich-wing puppet in the White House?!?!

You really can't make this stuff up.

The Angry Independent said...


The idea of having this man in the White House is making me pretty nervous. (I was already nervous about this for years).

His tendancy to gamble and to make rash decisions are not the kinds of qualities you want for a President... especially in these times. I dread the moment when there is a crisis with Russia, China, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, etc... I don't want this man in charge of the armed forces.... especially nuclear weapons. He might misread something that the Russians are doing and may decide on a Pre-emptive nuke strike.

Lord Have Mercy.

He has already said he will fight to bring Georgia into NATO (a looney tunes idea)... obviously this has a high probability of leading to an armed conflict between the U.S. and Russia (exactly what McCain and the Neocons have been drooling over). Luckily...the NATO nations must agree to any new members... but they are only slightly less gung-ho than the U.S. when it comes to NATO expansion.

We can just hope that Palin becomes a liability.

Problem is.... Obama wants NATO expansion too.... (without a full understanding of the consequences).

The United States is screwed with either Party in the White House. The only difference is... Obama will provide a little lubricant while he's screwing you and running the Country into the ground.

Truthiz said...

"The United States is screwed with either Party in the White House. The only difference is... Obama will provide a little lubricant while he's screwing you and running the Country into the ground."

Okay, Okay I tried NOT to laugh because this is really really serious! But I can't help it...

...that last line is funny_lol.

Citizen Ojo said...

The moral of the story: Those that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

onix said...

i think the item is to funny not to react. btw. i am surprised how certainly after obama 's nomination so many usians turned tail and now know of nothing but inexperience and predicting doom with obama. That i think is biased(and actually outright subconsious racism.) anyway here goes the funny part......

so she is pregnant, now for having sex you would expect Palin to want the deathpenalty, but no listening to ur hormones make her donn lifeterm sentence. Poor kids.

Considering who will support them? the rich family ofcourse, they will make him a member of NRA
hand him a gun and he can protect their property...

Now how do they know he is really the father, with a mum like that i wouldn't be surprised the daughter is only guessing, oh well, when its not racial it doesn't show..
there must be some reason to seek to protect "the young << couples privacy".
Easy when ur against abortion and can have no healthy children anymore, then u need grandchildren...
omg. insanity is the criterion to be elected VP for the republicans.
(sorry if i am a bit rude, but we all sometimes need to be playfull.)
i rili pitty the girl that is a vehicle of her mums emotions.