Sunday, September 07, 2008

A Fundamentalist Half A Heartbeat From Nukes

American voters are about to put a radical Fundamentalist Christian just half a heartbeat away from controlling nuclear weapons and the U.S. Armed Forces. Sarah Palin's brand of Christianity is that of John Hagee (an earlier endorser of McCain), Rod Parsley, James Dobson, the late Jerry Falwell, David Brickner, Pat Robertson and others... all Christian radicals. Their view of Christianity falls outside of moderate mainstream Christian teachings in this Country. They preach a brand of Christianity that centers on rapture, war, the end times, and the fact that such events should be welcomed. In fact, many see a role for themselves and their flock in bringing to pass some sort of "end times" scenario.

Palin herself recently referred to the War in Iraq as a mission from God.

Yet this Fundamentalist will become the most powerful woman from that community, almost overnight. The idea that she could be in control of the U.S. Armed forces in a time of crisis (or at any time for that matter) should be cause for...not concern... but alarm to the American people. But brainwashed American idol sheep (voters who will decide the next election) are too busy admiring her spunk and charm to pay attention to the issues or any of the nuts and bolts substance behind this woman.

Hear a brief story about Palin's Religious background from NPR


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