Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Election About Issues? Not so, says Camp McCain

Silly me. I thought this campaign was about the direction that voters want this country to go in- hence a discussion and debate on the issues.

Not so, says Camp McCain.

From The WashingtonPost.com:

McCain Manager: 'This Election is Not About Issues'

Rick Davis, campaign manager for John McCain's presidential bid, insisted that the presidential race will be decided more over personalities than issues during an interview with Post editors this morning.

"This election is not about issues," said Davis. "This election is about a composite view of what people take away from these candidates."

Davis added that issues will no doubt play a major role in the decisions undecided voters will make but that they won't ultimately be conclusive. He added that the campaign has "ultimate faith" in the idea that the more voters get to know McCain and Barack Obama, the better the Republican nominee will do.

Um, McCain's been in Washington for 26 years. This is his second time running for President. Don't you think they already know McCain?

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The Angry Independent said...

This is what I stated a couple of months ago in the post "Obama's Fading Hope: America May Be Too Sick To Elect A Black Man As President" (posted on sidebar).

Americans are not the most informed, most educated electorate in the World...and they tend to vote with their heart and their gut feeling instead of their minds... These are often not well informed decisions.

Americans often choose personality... who they relate to best... who they could have dinner with, etc.

Republicans know this... McCain's people understand it and they will attempt to exploit it. I knew that this would be their strategy. This is what the whole Palin choice was about... it was a shrewd, & very sinister choice. But I think this time... there are more issues driven voters than usual...and that might tip the balance in Obama's favor. (But I won't bet my rent money on that just yet). If Obama is still looking strong by October... then he will have a shot.

He is making nice gains in the West, which could come in handy as an insurance policy if he fails to win one of the big swing States of Ohio, Florida, Missouri, or Virginia. If he wins just one of those 4, he will likely win the election. If not... he can still win with some sort of Western combo... Colorado/Nevada, Colorado/N. Mexico, or some combination of Nevada, New Mexico, Montana and N. Dakota. (he'd have to win most of these small States to pull it off). Colorado and N. Mexico are the most likely ...and Colorado might be essential.

Hopefully he will win Florida or Ohio...and none of the above will probably matter.