Wednesday, September 27, 2006

See Keith Obermann Commentary In Response to Bush and Fox News

See an unprecedented commentary from MSNBC's Keith Obermann. MSNBC broke from tradition (the tradition of major news media being the platform for the government view) and unleashed a no holds barred special commentary against Bush and Fox News.

This commentary was sparked by the recent Bill Clinton Interview on Fox News with Chris Wallace. In the interview, Wallace (as expected) tried to paint Clinton as a soft on terror leftist.....even a terrorist sympathizer who caused the 9/11 attacks. They wanted to use Clinton as a punching bag, expecting that he would take it lying down (as most Americans have been doing all this time). They also wanted to deflect attention from Bush before the November elections, by putting a negative light on someone else. They didn't expect Clinton to stand up against the mighty Republican State-Run media.

Clinton did a pretty good job standing up against the Republican machine.... but Keith Obermann makes Clinton look like the Easter Bunny.

This also shows just how bad things have gotten in this country. Perhaps a bad sign of things to come.....which is why Obermann ends with an ominous "Good Luck"... meaning that the country is so screwed up and so poorly run that we may need that luck. Yikes!!! I hate to see the country this divided...but I also see this kind of thing as necessary growing pains.

This is what TV reporters should have been doing all along. Print journalists have done only a so so job of being critical, but we haven't seen much of this at all from TV reporters & commentators. Since the Congress isn't fulfilling its oversight responsibilities, news reporters & the so called "Free Press" have to step into the role of holding people accountable, and asking critical questions. I say, it's about time that one of them broke away from the unspoken "State-Media" system to bravely question what is happening in Washington D.C. & with Fox.

Commentary below

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