Monday, September 25, 2006

Hezbollah Refuses to Disarm

As many predicted, Hezbollah is not giving up its weapons

This is yet another sign of Israels failure. I called it several weeks ago when the Israel/Hezbollah conflict was just beginning. I stated that Israel would fail in its military strategy to fight terrorism in Lebanon. Why? Because you can't defeat terrorism with warplanes, warships, tanks & soldiers. In fact, Israels war strategy (taken from the U.S. playbook) has had the opposite affect than what was intended. Hezbollah has come out of the conflict in a stronger position, not a weaker one.

Israels failure to defeat terrorism with military power should be a clue to the United States, which is finally beginning to see the limits of military power in its fight against terrorism. In fact, the pro-war approach continues to have the opposite affect against terrorism.

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