Saturday, September 23, 2006

People Are Losing Their Minds In St. Louis Area

It must be something in the air in St. Louis that is causing people to flip out....perhaps it's the pollution. But people in my area have been losing their minds at a breakneck pace over the past week. What in the hell is going on?

Last week a woman slit the throat of a young mother and stole her newborn baby (Abby Woods).... luckily she was found a few days later.

Now a woman in East St. Louis has had her baby cut right out of her womb. We are hearing about more and more of these cases. The victim was left to bleed to death by the suspect. If that isn't bad enough, the victims' 3 other children are now missing.

A suspect is being questioned. Motive not 100% clear at this point.

See reports here and here.


With so many children available for adoption, why do people resort to this kind of behavior? Granted, we don't yet know the motive in the East St. Louis case, but wanting a baby tends to be the main motivation in cases such as this.

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