Friday, September 08, 2006

Schwarzenegger don't like Black People, or Cubans, or Puerto Ricans, or ....

African American Political Pundit says: OK, now it's Schwarzenegger's turn. California Gov. has now apologized for saying a mix of "black blood" and "Latino blood," results in a "hot" temperament.

I guess this guy has lost everything, including his mind. I never like his last name anyway. Say his last name 5 times real fast. It may be how he feels about black people.

The Washington Post reports that California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's told advisers in a closed-door meeting last spring that Cubans and Puerto Ricans have "very hot" temperaments because they have a mix of "black blood" and "Latino blood."

There's more, In a six-minute audio tape obtained by the newspaper, the Republican governor was heard speculating with his chief of staff, Susan Kennedy, about the ethnicity of a Republican assemblywoman, Bonnie Garcia.

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