Monday, September 25, 2006

George Allen In The News Again

It appears that Good Old Boy George Allen has been outed as a at least three of his college buddies. They have admitted that Allen regularly used racial slurs in College.
This comes after he used the slur against the East Indian (American born) staffer of his opponent, suggesting in his comment that the staffer was not American and should not be welcomed in his own country. And it also comes after it was revealed that Allen belonged to racist organizations.

The problem is.... He is running in Virginia... a Red State where such behavior may not matter to the mostly White Conservative voters. This racist could still win the election to keep his seat, as disgusting as that is to imagine. This is like Klan leader David Duke running for election in Gut Bucket Mississippi more than 15 years ago. I remember that story well. Duke didn't lose by much....not as much as most people would think. Nothing surprises me anymore in these United States of Amerikkka when it comes to matters of race. Anything is possible.

Read updated story from Truthdig.

The Field Negro has also posted on this subject.

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