Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pakistan Providing Safe Haven for Our Terrorist Ememies?

Pakistan Providing Safe Haven for Al Qaeda?

As Americans mark the 5th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, they should feel betrayed by their government

According to a recent report, the Pakistan government cut a deal with Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorists that would allow the groups to exist on Pakistans territory.

If this isn't bad enough, Bush recently commented on this report, saying that he was o.k. with it.

I thought Pakistan was a so-called ally in the "war on terror"? What happened to the John Wayne style proclamations that whoever harbored terrorists would face consequences?

It looks like Bush and Co. are cleaning egg from their faces on this one. Just a couple of years ago, the U.S. gave Pakistan the special diplomatic and military designation of "Major non-Nato ally". The designation cleared the way for certain types of sensitive weapons sales to Pakistan from the U.S. defense industry.

India was livid about the decision and felt betrayed by the U.S.
India felt that the U.S. weapons sales to Pakistan and the strategic partnership between the U.S. and the Muslim dictatorship was a threat to India and that Pakistan could not be trusted with such a position.

As the world's largest democracy, India felt that it should be the natural ally of the U.S., not Pakistan. Yet India does not enjoy the kind of special recognition by the U.S. government that Pakistan enjoys.

I am sure India is saying "I told you so" right now.

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