Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Clinton Locks Horns With Fox News Host

Are Democrats finally standing up to the Republican State-Run Media Machine? Perhaps they are. It's about time.... Way too late probably....but any time is better than never.

Slick Willie- Bill Clinton fights back.

But Did Clinton really believe that he was going to a Fox News Interview that was going to be "Fair and Balanced" and non-partisan? PLEASE!!! Fox News is Americas version of State-Run media in China, Russia, Egypt or any other country that controls what people see and think.

See story here.

Watch Interview Here

When will liberals learn? In fact...when will Progressives, independents and moderates learn that what they need is a strong media infrastructure like the Ultra-Conservatives have? Democrats, Independents and Moderates don't really have their own TV networks, own few TV Stations or radio stations, have few radio programs, and don't control their own voice. They have no media to speak of..... but they wonder why their messages are not being heard.

As long as Conservatives control the media....they control the agenda and control what Americans see (and to a large extent can control what Americans think). And as long as they can do that, they will control and win elections in the long-term. Even if Democrats win part of the Congress this year, Republicans will still have the long-term advantage because they have a huge media apparatus.

Karl Roves strategy and the 2000, and 2004 elections are no accident. There is a system working behind these things. Media control (FOX News in particular) is a key part of the Republican strategy and has been since before Republicans took control of the U.S. Congress in 1994.

Non-Republicans have nothing that comes close to matching the Conservative/Republican media infrastructure.

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