Saturday, September 23, 2006

Ed Gordon Out As NPR Host

Ed Gordon is out as the host of his own program (News and Notes) on NPR.

Farai Chideya is in.

Differences between Gordon and NPR could not be reconciled.

See reports here and here.

The program News and Notes (formerly the Tavis Smiley Show) is one of the most important, most informative, and most insightful daily programs run by African Americans today....that goes for radio or TV. The audience is mixed..... (as it should be).

Unfortunately, people have not been supporting the program in great numbers. More Black support would be great....but it's not surprising that the show has not been getting the support from Blacks.... There is a wave of anti-intellectualism that is crippling the so-called "Black Community" (I hate that term.... it segregates Black folks in so many negative ways IMO).

There are too many Blacks who would rather watch brainless BET (Black Exploitation Television), or VH1 with its sick Flavor of Love (What a disgrace to Public Enemy), or listen to the poison on Black radio than would listen to something educational and informative like NPR's News and Notes.....or NPR in general.

I listen (try to anyway) to NPR programs everyday.

I look forward to hearing more of Farai.... I love her interview style.

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